Clocks of January

Silence pours over my eardrums

Talk to me? No — not tonight

For I am in a curious state of being

I’m feeling my blood rush through me

It’s swirling and dancing in my veins

Life is pumping from my fingertips

I pause a breath

Wait…two, now more

Hold my breath to hear the clocks

Feel time slip away

Each tick a moment faded

Into what?


Where does time go when passed?

I check my empty closet

Behind my bathroom door

Venture to the woods and pray

Not here a voice calls

Search somewhere else today.

In the meadows

Up the ally

“No.” said the drunken man

“You missed it, kid. Keep runnin’ ‘til you’re dead.”


Ah, I found it yes

Not to earn back

But my earnings here lie

Clocks are not the enemy

But what the seconds mean

Do you see?

Chasing, running, flying by

Catch it — no

Let it go

And fly with it

One secret to an old wives’ tale

Do not throw away clocks

Do not hoard them in a drawer

Do not watch it turn

Do not try to turn yourself

Lay it there

Touch it not

Do not look at all

Just feel the moments giving life

And give back something more



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