She burns like a flaming fire,

dancing and singing to the crackle of her own heat,

consuming her surroundings.

Her blazing personality

captures the hearts of many.

She radiates brilliance –

light shoots from the top of her head down to her toes,

bursting like the golden sun.

She is the essence of warmth.

Humans gather around her for wisdom and love

They worship every beat of her heart –

if she’s alive, the world is safe.

She brings others life,

her tender voice beckons salvation,

the touch of her hand brings solitude.

Oh! how lost the world would be!

Without the presence of such an individual.

The mystery remains, however,

she believes herself to be lost,

her modest nature is a plea for help,

a summon for something greater.

Her head swims with the stars and

her heart dwells with angels.

She believes herself to be searching still…

sailing away on the ocean of uncertainty .

The desire to always be better

is not a failing fancy,

but if she only knew…

Oh, if she only understood,

that she’s beautiful.

She’s inspiring.

Every movement of her soul

is electrifying.

She’s a masterpiece of true radiance,

her spirit is a safe haven

for the troubled ones.

But she wouldn’t know,

she wouldn’t know any of this.


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