Another Love Poem?

Do I dare introduce another love poem into the world on this glorious Valentine’s Day? Well… being an aspiring poet, I must.

I wrote this poem to my boyfriend, now husband, a few years back. It means a lot to me sentimentally. I know that my little love poem won’t matter in the grand scheme of the internet, but everyone has a voice. And everyone should share that voice. Everyone thinks, talks, loves, laughs, cries, and dreams differently. So each person should be given a chance to speak. Even if it’s just a moment of recogition.

Since this was original written to someone, it will seem like I am talking to someone directly, go figure. I usually don’t write my poetry this way, but I wanted to share this poem since it’s dear to me. Sometimes I enjoy using rhyming couplets – frees the mind a bit.

To a lover,

Upon grace, upon light

you have granted me a sight.

A new life, a deepened dimension of mind

as sorrows and cries become blind.

In my cascade of mountainous emotions

peace rolls like sea glass washed beneath the oceans.


A fire is kept illuminating within my soul

flames scorching, embers warming the coal.

You are the heat to my being,

the essence to my freeing.

Capturing my entity, I am now faithfully yours,

for the living of existence

to the falling on eternity’s shores.


Empty hearts were once the tales

but rapturing to a stop, we closed our searching sails.

Magnificent to behold, bewitching in the sight,

you sent my heart’s longing in flight.

One glimpse saved my lost vitality,

an endurance for life began again on this road through mortality.


Oh darling if you could but see

the delicate sensibility you bring to me.

If I had to live without you in these years

the heavenly stars glimmer dull compared to the shine in my tears.

You are worth more to me than all the queens rubies,

more than Cinderella’s sparkling glass booties.


Someday we’ll live by the sea,

simple sweet yearnings I hope to be.

Let’s dream together of the brightest imaginable future,

God will be there to strengthen, encourage, nurture.

And our prayers to Him with praise His everlasting name

for the opportunity He granted you and I the same.

The blessing of meeting you will silence every complaint, worry, trial,

you’ll be walking right along every tittle, step, and mile.

And with this I solemnly vow

I’ll carry you half the way long –

as much as my strength will allow.


Today is the beginning of a new memory with you

Our passionate love strictly in view.

“I love you” is a simple phrase

to describe the phenomenal affection locked in my daze.

But these small words are quite simply true,

The person I will always love, adore, cherish

is you.






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