empty poetry books

Poetry is something to enlighten the mind and encourage the human experience. It shouldn’t be written to be complicated or confusing–however sometimes this is inevitable. Your thoughts are not my thoughts and what you feel is not how I feel. I perceive feelings differently than another and this can lead to ambiguity. It’s natural! Uncertainty is natural. But lately while reading poetry, I find myself grasping for any source of meaning or fulfillment. Sometimes there isn’t a meaning, I get that. But poetry should change the reader’s conscious view of the world in some way, shape, or form. Even if you just take the reader on a journey for a few minutes, that’s enough to change their world. But a poem has to have some kind of connection to each person that touches its pages…right? What do you think? Can poetry be meaningless and still be good?

words of clutter

……cloud the senses

words of nonsense

…….distract the heart

words of failure

……..leave me dead

no close to understanding

what the dead man wants




letters arranged in loops of shapes

in                &


– I’m left to myself.


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