….drip plob


my window is crying tonight

or at least

catching the cloud’s sadness

or at least

watering the ground          &

making the earth wake up.

the rain is my eyes


darkness –

or even

light –

there’s no reason not to cry.


I enjoy human emotion

more than the blankness of feeling

more emotion

stronger world


but what about ugly emotion?

the one that destroys peace



hope –

is that beautiful too?


are only some emotions worthy of a pedestal




hop              lop

earth is showing emotion

and it’s landing on me

rolling of my roof                &

into the grass

never to return.


What do I absorb?

….Where do my feelings go…




blop                pop

tears of joy




my window is cold against the

cloud’s sadness

yet morning will come

in rays of translucent warmth


How could my window feel the sun

if it didn’t first feel the rain?





2 thoughts on “mood

  1. Loved the flow.. the structure here and the words!
    The eternal loop of sadness pain.. happiness peace.. heartbreak.. explained greatly!

    Windows crying..
    Catching the clouds sadness.
    Symbolism on point!

    & that conclusion..
    “How could my window feel the sun
    if it wasn’t first wet?”

    You nailed it! ❤


    1. Oh thanks girl !! that means so much coming from you! I enjoy your feedback. I changed the ending probably right after you read this, just because it sounded like it could flow better. But the concept is the same ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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