Before I knew it,

it was there

covering the outline of your face behind the glass.

I once polished it every night,

gave it kisses and spoke to it as if you were here.

Told it of my struggles,

my griefs,

the way my heart broke every day I was without you–

It seemed to listen.

It satisfied my longing for a short while.


Then it became a mask,

a fake image of you.

Mocking me,

smiling a grin of contentment and peace

while I sit here drowning in despair.

Hitting myself over the head with the never answered question,

What happened to forever?

Or is that covered too

buried beneath glass as

a mock of my daily life,

taunting me with its looks

but unattainable possibility.


I knock on the glass,

blow the dust off

trying to rescue anything salvage worthy

in vain attempts.

It’s locked up and gone,

covered in the seconds and minutes of time,

doomed to be a memory forever.


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