a question you might ask

What is a human?


A creature of the night,

falling deeper and

deeper into a dark pit


with each pausing breath?

A figment of God’s


a messy bunch of cardboard

at the dump?


It is a floating piece

of seaweed,

rising and falling with the tide?

Never reaching land or any space of free will?


Does it flash like a lightning bolt

in the hazy, blue sky;

touching the earth with power?


Or does it simply sit in a corner

and eat the gears and hands off of clocks?


Can it rise up and speak–

Is it confined to a cage like a bird?

Does it sing the song of

redeeming love or

fall through the sky like a

hole-filled parachute?


What ever it is,

I’d like to meet one.


A real one.


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